This Course Just Made Me Feel Good

Once I finished Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program, I felt empowered. That is the one word that really sums up everything.

I no longer felt helpless – and that never-ending feeling of hopelessness was gone. Not only did it give me hope that I actually could get my ex back, it helped me to deal with (mentally) the situation. By that, I mean the anxiety, depression, and despair that often comes with being told it’s over.

Losing your life partner is traumatic. The only thing worse than being told it’s over is to not have any options. This course gave me options.

From the recommended “cooling off” period to the course chapters that were metered out over time, I felt better with each passing day. Each new section was eagerly anticipated and devoured at once. Overall, it resulted in a better way of looking at my situation and reminded me that anything is fixable, as long as you have the right tools.

Here is a text your ex back review from the review zone. It goes into what the buyer received, chapter by chapter. Without buying the book, I would have to say that this is the closest you are going to get to finding out what is in the course. A good resource and a well-done review.


Starting off ever so slightly, the course conditions you turn up the heat as far as your text messages go. Think about it: what would happen if you started sending strong messages without doing your ground work? What can you hope to achieve if you don’t start off slowly?

Yep, you are going to scare your ex away. It is going to be too much, too soon.

That is where the genius of this course resides. In know it’s hard to believe, but before your ex may even realize what is happening, you have re-established contact. Sure, you may still be on thin ice, but at least you have a foot in the door.

Hey, even if all it is now is a friendship, it is a start. Open lines of communication – that is what it’s all about. Knowing that you can contact your ex and not have anything bad happen – well, you can’t put a price on that.

Oh, almost forgot. One thing that you are going to love about this course is the online community of people who have purchased the course. This invaluable resource can provide outsider tips and techniques that compliment the course itself. You are also going to see how people are doing following the techniques that Michael teaches.

Of all the techniques that you can use to get your ex back after a breakup, this is one that seems to have a proven track record (given the number of people it has helped). Personally, I think there is a reason for that – and it all has to do with human nature.

Let’s face it, the direct approach is not working for you. Okay, I know that is quite an assumption on my part, but I am guessing that you have already been through that in the days following the split. Calling your ex is the natural thing to do when you’ve been dumped. After all, you need to fix this, right?

But the fact is that phoning your ex or meeting them in person is not the best option in the days following a breakup. The wounds are too fresh, there is too much emotion and neither one of you are acting rationally.

Take the advice in this course by starting at the first module and moving on from there. By the way, the first module deals with taking a break from the relationship. Go figure.

An Alternative to Texting Your Ex

Okay, now I know that some of you may be hesitant to text your ex right after a breakup. There are many reasons for this, but usually it is due to the fact that you may be afraid on some level. Afraid of rejection, afraid of making the situation worse, or you may even be afraid of making waves, trying to keep what you have.

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. For some reason, it is sometimes better not knowing the truth.

If you don’t give your ex a chance to reject you, then you will never know if they will. This means that there is a small chance that you won’t be.

For some of us, that is enough and we don’t have to suffer through any more if we don’t push it.

Part of the fear is the instant communication that texting affords us. We know that once we send the message, it is almost instantly received. Therefore, it is possible to get a response in a matter of minutes of texting an ex. Something about that instant communication just unnerves some folks.

It is almost like talking to them live or on the phone, except that you can think about what you are going to say before you say it.

One alternative to texting is email. For anyone that just cringes at the thought of real time, or almost real time communication with an ex, this may be something that could work for you.

Sending an email is very low key. You are not right in their face. They don’t get an alert on their phone. They can read and respond in their own good time.

And you can pretty much send anything via email that you would via text. How many times do you really have to have an immediate response?

Besides, I like email because I can write a lot more in my message (this is especially helpful when dealing with a complex issue such as a breakup). I can take my time, revise each paragraph, come back to it if necessary, and then send it when it’s perfect. That is the best medium for me as I find that, sending a lengthy text kills the spontaneity of the message. Emails, by design, are not spontaneous and are better suited to lengthy text.

Now, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One of the major drawbacks of email is that they are easier to ignore than text messages. For some reason, people just feel compelled to read a text the moment it comes in. Not many of us can leave an unread message sit there for too long before feeling the need to read it.

On the other hand, leaving an email unread in our inbox is easier. I don’t know why.

So, I guess what it comes down to is whether or not you want to send a quick, clever message, or one that is meant to be read over coffee. Each has it’s own merits.

Much of this is going to depend on your personality and the personality of your ex. Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself via text? Can you squeeze enough words into the limited space provided without making it look weird?

Is your ex likely to respond to a text or email? For example, a text could make them a little nervous due to its nearly real-time characteristics. Whereas an email would allow them to take some time, re-read it if necessary, and formulate a response without feeling pressured. I mean, who really expects a quick response from an email?

You send a text and they know you know they received it. A delay in responding could increase the anxiety level pretty fast. Even if your ex is busy and they want to respond intelligently when they have a minute, you may take that as a sign of rejection – and they know this. Yes, a lot more pressure.

Furthermore, they may resent the fact that you are putting them on the spot by sending a text message that almost demands a quick reply – even if that is not the case. They may feel compelled to answer asap.

So, yes, texting is an amazing way to sneak back into your ex partners life, but it may be just a little to “in your face.” If this is your situation at the moment, don’t hesitate to use an old standby: email. You may be surprised at how well it can work. Best of luck!

The First Text to Your Ex

Is texting your ex back a coward’s way to handle the situation?

I know, it’s hard to believe that anyone would look at it like that, but there are those purists who believe that anything short of facing your ex in person is showing a lack of backbone.

I wouldn’t normally write about something like this, but I have seen articles and comments on blogs from people who think this way.

The only thing I would say to them is, “How is all that working out for you?”

Obviously, they still have a great relationship with their ex. They would have to if their former partner is still open to meeting in person. The average breakup doesn’t work that way. In fact, for most people, things go way past a face to face meeting.

Using your cell phone to text your ex after the breakup, is ideal. Even if things got a little out of hand, there is still an opportunity to get things back on track if you start out with the right text.

What is the right text? Well, that really depends on where you are. In some cases, even the mere mention of the former relationship could be enough to end your chances for good – right there and then. If this is where you are right now, you’ll want to start out extremely low key.

Imagine that you and your ex have just met. You are on your best behavior and the last thing you are going to do is send something sexy, provocative, or racy. In fact, you aren’t even going to send anything remotely intimate because you haven’t reached that stage yet. You don’t even know if you ever will or what their response is going to be once you do start flirting.

Instead, you are going to talk about normal, everyday things like the weather, the news, what you did today. You are going to ask how their day went and you may even send the odd funny text. Everything is going to be light and carefree.

Even this may be too much though. If that’s the case, wait until you have something valuable or interesting to say. Don’t just send a text saying, “What’s up” or “How you doing?” These empty texts may seem harmless, but they could be irritating to your ex, depending on your unique circumstance.

One proven method is to send a text out of the blue about something they can relate to. For example:

You and your ex used to have brunch every Sunday at the corner cafe just down the road. It was your thing and a place where you could just relax and be yourself. An intimate corner of the world where conversation flowed effortlessly and you always left feeling great about yourself and the relationship.

However, there was always this older couple there that could not take their hands off each other. It was the highlight of the morning. So much so that you gave them nicknames. Text your ex some Sunday morning. Mention that you just saw the same couple and, incredibly, that nothing has changed – haha. You could also mention their nicknames just to keep the mood light and make more of a connection.

Of course, you are going to have your own little private thing that no one else knows about. Something funny and private that you shared as a couple. Something that is sure to put a smile on their face. If you can’t think of anything, you aren’t trying hard enough – there must be something.
If you send a text like this, just leave it at that. No response is necessary. This is not the time for that. The purpose of this text is to open the lines of communication. Let them start thinking about you in a positive way.

If you don’t get a response, don’t panic and send another. Just have enough confidence to know that she got a chuckle and leave it at that. Remember – no more texts after that.

Why Bother Trying to Text Your Ex Back?

Why would you bother trying to text your ex back?

After all, they don’t seem to be responding to any gesture you make at the moment – and as far as communication goes… well, it’s more of a one-way street than anything.

I must apologize if this isn’t the situation you are in at the moment. I only mentioned this scenario because most people end up in this exact spot after a breakup. They get to the point where their phone calls, emails and texts are nothing more than an annoyance to their ex and end up with the short end of the stick.

The short end of the stick, in this case, is losing psychological power to their ex.

Let me go a little further in my assumptions:

I am willing to bet that you have used up all your chances and goodwill. You may have even caused some damage to your reputation in the decisions you made after the breakup. Are you begging and pleading with your ex to take you back? Have you lost every last ounce of self-respect? Are they treating you poorly – as though they’ve lost respect for you?

With each passing day, it feels as though you are sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of despair and there doesn’t seem to be any way to put the brakes on.

So, why would you start texting your ex? What difference is that going to make? Won’t they just ignore you and hope you go away? Isn’t it something that you’ve already tried?

Well, maybe if you did it the usual way, yes. But if you have a texting plan that is psychologically proven to work, then they may just change their mind about you and the situation.

You see, texting is really the ultimate form of communication when the situation is less than ideal. If your ex wants nothing to do with you, attempting to talk to them face-to-face or on the phone is not going to work. It’s beyond that. Besides, when you are talking to them in person or on the phone, things happen in real time – and if you make one mistake (as in you put your foot in your mouth), there is no recourse. You can’t take it back. This, in turn, makes you even more nervous and prone to making mistakes – and so on…

In contrast, taking your time and formulating the right text(s) can work wonders. I am not talking about the usual, desperate texts that one sends when there are no other options. No, instead, these are texts that are designed in such a way as to hit a psychological nerve – even when the last thing on their mind is getting back together.

They are texts that start off very broadly focused and, over time, become more targeted – more intimate. A psychological text sequence that should end up with you getting him/her back in your life.

That is the value of having a system like text your ex back. You are paying to learn what to say and when to say it. It is a proven system that has worked, and is working, for many others. All you have to do is craft your text messages around the examples that are given.

So, if you are almost to the point where you are thinking of giving up and having a face to face meeting with your ex seems impossible, why not take some time and craft a text message? You may be surprised at the results.

Text Your Ex Back is Delivered Over Time – Why This is Good!

What would a review be if I didn’t include the things that I wasn’t thrilled about? So, where goes.

After ordering the text your ex back system, there was one thing that really didn’t sit right with me. In fact, if I could list anything negative about the course, this would be it.

That one thing was the fact that the program was doled out in sections. When I gained access to the members area, I was excited to get my hands on the information and get to work. It was then that I realized that I would have to wait a few days between deliveries. Hmm, I admit that I was a little ticked at the time.

But I now realize that the course is structured this way for a reason.

Back in the day (when the text your ex back system first came out), they did deliver everything at once. But what ended up happening was that people skipped ahead and missed some of the valuable information in the first sections. They wanted to get to the “real” solution in the later chapters without doing some of the work in the earlier ones.

That’s not how this works.

If I am paying almost fifty dollars for a course that is meant to get my ex back, then I want to make sure that I get the maximum value out of it for the money spent. Rushing to the end to see the “secrets” is not the way to do it and you’re only cheating yourself by doing this.

In the beginning, there are things that you have to read and absorb before you go on. Each section builds on the next. Most of what is taught requires time to implement. It is simply not a matter of reading a manual and getting your ex back.

A good example of this is the actual texts you send. Think of this as a larger campaign that is comprised of various sections. In the beginning, you are going to send texts that are custom made for where you are now, at this moment. They are nothing like the texts you are going to send in the middle of near the end of your campaign. They are meant to ease you back into his/her life and that is it. They are not meant to get your ex back right there and then. You will be sending stronger texts in the future, but not now.

Each text is meant to build on previous texts, just as each chapter in the course builds on a previous chapter.

The new format forces you to read the material in full and take any and all actions necessary. If all you have to do is one section, you are more likely to do it the way it must be done – fully and completely. This means that you may read over the material more than once, take your time and do the worksheets, and implement the physical actions required (in this case it is usually sending a particular text).

Look, no one likes being forced to do something like a small child. At least that is the way I saw it initially, but now that I look back, I am grateful that Michael Fiore set it up this way. It’s not that I don’t trust myself to do it properly, but this way, I am not fighting the urge to peek ahead.

I also trust in the fact that he knows what he is doing and what works best. Sometimes you just have to put your faith in experts.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my semi-rant here and if you get ticked about how the course is laid out and the way he devised the delivery, just think a little beyond what is going on at the moment and you’ll realize that this really is the best way to do things.