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If you’re still trying to convince your ex to come back to you, who could blame you for trying? I mean, you have to do something, right? You can’t just sit there and do nothing while your whole life disintegrates around you…

But if you’re using the phone to talk to him or her live, you have a lot of pressure my friend.

Feeling tongue-tied? Relax, we have all been there. Did you just say something so dumb that you wish you could take the words back before they reach the other end of the phone? Don’t worry, most people have experienced the same thing.

But, honestly, that doesn’t make it any better… Yes, we have all been there – but here and now, at this very minute, your live phone conversation is killing your chances – in a big way.

Yep, you are really blowing it if you insist on talking to your ex in real time – saying whatever comes to mind – scrambling for the right words – flying by the seat of your pants.

Why? Well, in simple terms, you have no time to compose your thoughts and everything you say cannot be unsaid. Yet, at the same time, you have to appear composed, convincing – able to say the right things and let them know how you feel. How is that for pressure?

The very best outcome is that you aren’t going to say anything dumb enough to end your chances over the phone. The worse outcome is that you end up saying things that end your chances for good. A lot of relationships are ended permanently at this stage by someone who simply folds under the pressure.

Even if you are a great communicator, and you are used to thinking on your feet, your emotional state is eventually going to make you say things that you’ll regret.

That’s why you ought to consider alternative ways to communicate after a breakup.

Two of the best are email and texting.

Email is a great way of communicating after a breakup. You are able to sit down, compose your thoughts, and put them to paper. There is no nervousness and if the words don’t come right away, you have the luxury of waiting until they do. You can read it over and over, making changes until it is perfect.

However, email isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, there is going to be a considerable delay between messages – sometimes days. In your situation, you are going to need a quicker response because the game changes fast.

And what if they simply don’t open the email because they know it’s from you? It is the easiest thing in the world to ignore.

Texting, on the other hand, is something you may want to seriously consider. You’re able to get your message to your ex in real time, yet you have the ability to think about what you’re saying before you commit.

Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it?

So, why don’t we all do it?

Well, it really isn’t as straightforward as all that. Knowing what to say is key and isn’t the easiest thing in the world to compose.

You’re in a very delicate situation at the moment. Imagine trying to coax a small animal (say a chipmunk) to come over and start eating out of your hand. Any sudden moves, or if you get too ambitious, you are going to scare him away.

When it comes to your ex, send the wrong text and you are going to kiss your chances goodbye. Send the right one, and you may just open the door to dialogue that could eventually see you back with the one you love.

Is it any wonder that there are courses out there that are specifically made to assist you in texting your ex back?

Text Your Ex Back

The text your ex back system was created by a gentleman named Michael Fiore, a well known relationship expert and coach.

The premise of the course is to teach you how to create powerful and compelling text messages that are designed to pull your ex back. This is a classic example of knowing what to say in very little words. After all, you can only text so much.

When you get the text your ex back course, the first thing you are going to notice is that you don’t get the whole thing at once. That was a little off-putting for me, initially. However, I now realize that there is a method to Michael’s madness. You see, this course ensures that you take your time and use the information as it was meant to be used. By drip feeding the information, you are forced to study each module in full before moving on. Jumping ahead is impossible since you have to wait for the next module.

I now see that each one built on previous – and that is a lot better than the old version 1 that was delivered all at once. A brilliant way of doing things if you really think about it.

Another thing I love about this program is that you are able to sign on to a membership area where you can talk to other people who are using the program. When I was going through the intial 30 day no contact period, being able to talk to others who were going through the same thing was so refreshing.

The comments are very active and someone is likely to get back to you in minutes should you have a question.

As for the course itself – Here is what you are going to get:

Chapter one – This was more of an introduction than anything. While some may look at this as fluff, I wholeheartedly disagree. This section eased me into the course and made me feel good about what I was about to do. I resonated on many levels and you could tell that the author really had a good grasp of the whole, “how to get your ex back” subject.

Chapter two – This talks about the events that lead up to the breakup and forces you to analyze the reasons you may have been dumped.

Chapter three – This section is dedicated to the big picture and what your goals are. Do you really want your ex back? And if you do, are they for the right reasons?

Chapter four – You are going to have a look at you. This chapter talks about having everything in check before you make an attempt at getting your ex back. Things like confidence and appearance are a few of the things that are discussed. In short, it is going to mentally prepare you to get back in the game.

Chapter five – There is a lot of good stuff here as you are psychologically using your ex’s emotions to get what you want. I know, hard to believe, but you’ll see what I mean when you read this.

Chapter six – This is where is starts getting interesting. In this module, you are going to send the first text to your ex. Though it has taken a while, you finally arrive at the point where you are doing something real to get your ex back – you are actually communicating with him/her again for the first time in a long time. This part is so critical. It’s a very exciting time, to say the least.

Chapter seven – Talks about ways to create more of an emotional bond through texting. Learning a few choice power words may be all it takes to really get back in the game. Texts bypass the logical brain and are meant to stimulate the emotional area instead.

Chapter eight – This chapter covers jealousy – the negative aspects and what to avoid, but also the positive aspects . You are going to learn 3 ways to use jealousy as a powerful motivator.

Chapter nine – Revolves around increasing intimacy. You have opened the channels of communication, created deeper emotional bonds, now it is time to get intimate. Definitely something you could not even think of doing just a few weeks ago. You’ve come a long way baby!

Chapter ten – The concept of attraction texting is introduced here. It is a different process, depending on whether you are a man or a woman.

So, that, in a nutshell, is the course. Keep in mind that there is a lot more to it than what I just skimmed over. You have pdfs, video and audio files that help bring everything together. You have the other members to bounce things off of and for support and encouragement. It’s a little like a community because you all have one thing in common.

If you follow the course the way it is laid out, you should be fine. There is a very good chance you are going to make some serious headway with your ex if you do what is asked.


So, are you getting your money’s worth? I would say yes. Considering is it much more than just a pdf of instructions. I like the fact that the whole thing is on mp3 audio – I listen to this in my car, while I exercise. Lots of good info. If I need to, I will go back to a worksheet or video to reinforce the concept.

What didn’t I like? Well, the comment section is a little chaotic at times. It would be better if they used actual forum software for this because it is so busy. Things get lost and that is a shame because there is some really good stuff there.

The other minor nuisances are that you are offered extras while you are checking out. I hate being pressured and if you are telling me that I better decide to buy now before the price doubles, well I don’t do well with that. On a positive note, I think the course is quite complete without the upsells. And having said that, the upsells are, no doubt, an amazing deal considering the amount of money you are saving. Now, if that didn’t confuse you, I don’t know what will :) Hopefully, you get what I am trying to say.

Let’s get back to reality though.

If you think that you are simply going to be able to follow the steps blindly and get your ex back, you are mistaken. There is work to do. You are going to have to make sacrifices. You may even have to put yourself out there, feeling vulnerable and exposed – but hey, that is life.

And even after all of that, you may never get your ex back at all. Imagine doing all this and getting nothing in return… Well, that’s life. There are no guarantees.

If you want a fighting chance though, a course like this could put you over the edge. Not thinking about minor details and being able to look at the big picture is worth it’s weight in gold.

And, honestly, the best thing about this? Hey, some of us need it. We don’t know what to do. We end up paralyzed, not knowing the next step and fearful of making the wrong move. That is, perhaps, the best thing about investing in a plan.

So, overall, I would say that this works. It is working for many people as we speak and it could also give you a fighting chance in your quest to get your ex back.

Thanks for reading my review!

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